Books to be considered must:
• Be of interest to students in grades two through six;
• Be published in the year two years before the date of the award (for example, books considered for the 2014 award needed to be published in 2012);
• Be informational in nature; books consisting of folktales, jokes, riddles, & etc. will not be considered. Books of poetry or song lyrics will be considered only if the verse serves to convey informational content.

In addition:
• We will accept books from authors of any nationality;
• In the case of books first published in another country, eligibility will be determined by the US Publication date;
• We will not consider books that are out of print;
• We will not consider price when choosing books;
• Being part of a series will not disqualify a book from consideration;
• Books with invented dialogue or other fictionalized elements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
We will accept nominations from all sources and especially celebrate those coming from students.